65 million years ago

Otway Basin Sandstone Formation

The crest of the Otway Ranges has relatively low topography, reflecting the initial flat-topped structural block before recent uplift. This moderately dissected plateau forms a drainage divide which trends north-east from Moonlight Head through Lavers Hill to Mount Chapple (550m), then easterly to Mount Sabine (583m), and north-east to parallel the coast through the highest point at Mount Cowley (686m) to Anglesea. 

The plateau has been delineated into two land systems by Pitt (1981): the Beech Forest land system, a rolling plain with rounded hills and shallow valleys; and the Mount Sabine land system, disconnected remnants of an undulating plain. Both have moderately deep and fertile friable brown gradational soils. 

7.7 Beech Forest Land System-1.jpg
Millie Cattlin