The Quarry
The Quarry
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Inaugural Quarry Pedagogies Camps

The Quarry, as a former extraction landscape and current rehabilitation project, raises a range of themes and questions about our relationship to land. We were interested in unpacking the idea of rehabilitation and shifting from extraction to care. The camp brought together researchers and professionals from art, architecture and landscape architecture fields to have conversations, share ideas and make work in response to the theme of rehabilitation. — contributing to the community and ecology of the project over the long term. There were artists in residence working from the site and producing projects in parallel with the camp activities, and cross-disciplinary conversations were encouraged. There was also a writer, a photographer and a filmmaker present who documented the project and activities — collecting anecdotes, stories and excerpts. Program activities during the camp were informed by a series of prompts. These prompts come in in the form of tools, materials, questions, themes and readings that each in different ways related to rehabilitation. Sunday started with a train journey from Southern Cross Station to Colac followed by a short bus ride to the quarry. The afternoon was spent making camp and coming together for a Welcome to Country and our first meal. Monday was an initial immersion day where participants had the chance to learn about the site including the various conditions and ecologies, as well as learn about the proposed long-term vision for the project. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were project days where participants developed projects and experiments in response to prompts (questions, materials, tools, readings etc). Each evening, following dinner there was a presentation or workshop with invited guests. Each day there was a series of guided collective tasks that go towards the active care of the land including short periods of blackberry removal from the fern gully and contour path. On Friday participants returned to Melbourne via bus and train. Millie Cattlin and Jen Lynch have been working closely to develop and produce the Camp program. Joseph Norster has been working with David Poulton, Raphael Kilpatrick and Alec Scott on the Camp infrastructure, which involved designing and building from site in the lead-up to the inaugural camp. Raphael Kilpatrick designed the menu and coordinated all meal preparation and cooking.


2023 - 2023