The Projects Quarry

The Quarry is a site for the development of experiments in building and architecture, creative practices, education and technology.


Site Information 


The site is a 86,000 sq metre Arkose Sandstone quarry in the Otway Ranges. Located in the Colac Otway Shire Council. The Quarry has been in operation since the late 19th century as a source for local stone to use in road and rail building.

Just outside the Victorian township of Beech Forest, The Quarry sits on a long ridge-line within the Otway Ranges running east-west.

The Quarry is still under licence and currently going through rehabilitation.


Accepting Applications

We are currently accepting project proposals for a range of creative and education based activities.


Project Phases




Establish Site | 2015-2017

This is what we need to do

  • Observation
  • Make a clearing



Group Excursions | 2017-2020

This is what we want to do

  • Groupwork
  • Ask questions


Set Up Camp | 2020-2022

This is how we want to work

  • How to work together
  • Mass movement


Inhabit and rehabilitate | 2022+

This is how we want to live

  • How to live together
  • Give it time

These Are The Projects We Do Together, through the development of a range of projects, aims to encourage and nurture the development of ideas across the broad fields of art, architecture, building and education.  The Quarry is one of a suite of projects, operating concurrently.


The future requires rehabilitation.


Make a clearing.


Ask questions.


Take care.